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In 1895 Mary Baker Eddy established a speaker’s bureau, The Christian Science Board of Lectureship, to meet growing public interest in her discovery of the Science of Christ-healing. Today there is a continuing need to engage public thought in considering what Christian Science really is, its relation to the Bible, and how it applies to life in the 21st century. Every year speakers travel all over the world to give talks in many different languages.

Discover how Christian Science addresses a broad range of issues from health challenges to financial insecurity at a Christian Science public talk. Find when and where a talk is scheduled in your community, state or country by visiting where you can also watch a free public talk online about  Christian Science.

Past and Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 7:30 P.M at the Doylestown Health and Wellness Center, 847 Easton Rd., Warrington, PA
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Doylestown, and Christian Scientists in Blue Bell invite you to a public talk by international speaker, Michelle Nanouche. The talk is free, and all are invited. A question and answer session will follow the talk.

Michelle Nanouche is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher who has worked with individuals all over the world interested in understanding how to pray effectively. No matter whether you follow a particular faith tradition or not, you will gain new insights regarding prayer. For more information about Michelle, visit her website,



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You can participate in insightful live audio chats about practical spirituality and find solutions to everyday challenges in our lives and in our world.

Sentinel Watch airs weekly and provides answers to questions on a timely topic or reports of a healing. Record of Truth airs monthly and addresses current global topics from a spiritual viewpoint. Click here to learn more and listen to the latest Sentinel Watch and Record of Truth podcasts.

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