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Explore the true meaning of time with Dave Hohle

Dave Hohle Biography

Dave Hohle is a Christian Scientist from Chicago IL. Dave received his MBA from Babson College, MA and has held several marketing, management and editorial positions. During his early career in graphic arts he managed all phases of print manufacturing. Before he was 30 he applied critical path analysis for production planning and estimates that he wrote over 10,000 production schedules. He served as Senior Managing Editor for several Christian Science periodicals. He is now a full-time practitioner, teacher and public speaker about Christian Science.

Dave’s topic stems from his long work experience. He found that the real work of managing time was always about patience, perseverance, and learning to combine “wisdom, economy, and brotherly love.”

Watch the video below to listen to Dave’s personal invitation to you the true meaning of “time.”

Trust God’s Ever-Present Care

Whether you are traveling a few miles or thousands of miles from home, you can trust God’s ever-present care and find comfort and help in any situation you encounter.

Click here to listen to/read about how a woman prayed not only for herself but for all the passengers and crew when their damaged plane had to make an emergency landing.

Click here to listen to/read about how a man found help when his car broke down in a remote area and he had no means of communication. By trusting his inseparable connection to God, all his problems were resolved in surprising ways.



A ‘Note’ Book for Family Harmony

We all hope our families will be happy and harmonious. How can we heal the challenges that families sometimes face and find the blessings we want to experience in our family life? How does spirituality affect our family relationships? In this segment, we offer ideas from Christian Scientists about how to heal anything that might disturb harmony in our families and at home.

Michele Newport found that certain qualities or “notes” helped to heal any sense of disharmony at home. Click here and read/listen to Michele share her “notes” of harmony in this article.

Click here and read/listen to Heidi K. Van Patten as she tells how her family prayed and worked together to support her husband’s healing though prayer in her article, “A spiritual foundation for family life.”

Engaging with the News in a Healing Way

Elements of bullying appear in many places – school, work, home and politics. The connection between suicide and bullying has also become a big issue. See how prayer gets results in this chat with Lois Carlson, who answers a variety of questions from individuals who have experienced bullying. Listen.

Click here to read the transcript of this chat.

Hear this Mom’s account of defeating two threats coming at the same time. Both instances were resolved through prayer. Healing occurred when she placed each situation in God’s loving care. Click here to listen to/read about this remarkable outcome.

Spiritual Selfhood – What It Means

Interest in spirituality continues to increase, especially among young people. In this segment, we periodically share ideas from Christian Scientists in various venues, including articles, chats, and talks. Explore what spirituality means and how an understanding of our spiritual nature can heal any challenge. Realizing what’s spiritually and eternally true of God, and of us all as God’s own image, brings increased harmony and healing into our experience, naturally.

Click here to listen to/ read about Barbara Vining’s understanding of spirituality in her article, “The healthy body.” She defines what ‘body’ really is: spiritual.

Click here to read about how Jane Perry’s prayer healed her obsession with food, spiritually, in her testimony, “Overeating-Healed.

Explore ideas regarding spiritual healing at Wednesday evening meetings in Doylestown when we hear excerpts from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook – Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, sing inspirational hymns, and share personal experiences of spiritual growth and healing through Christian Science. Click here for more information.

Service Times

Sunday Service and Sunday School: 10:30 – 11:30 A.M.

Sunday Service includes hymns, prayer, a solo, the Bible Lesson-Sermon, and a collection. Two lay Readers present the weekly Bible Lesson-Sermon at each service, which is available for all to study during the week prior to the service.

Sunday School meets at the same time as the service and welcomes children and young people up to the age of 20. They learn about the Lord’s Prayer, Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, and Biblical accounts of healing from the Bible and Science and Health. These lessons as taught by Christ Jesus guide and inspire young people to participate constructively in today’s world.

Wednesday Meetings: 7:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Wednesday Meetings at First Church of Christ, Scientist – Doylestown branch present a short lesson selected and read by a Reader from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Each meeting addresses a topic of current interest. Those attending are all invited to give a testimony of gratitude as to how God and Christian Science have made a difference in their lives.

Thanksgiving Day Service: 10:30 – 11:30 A.M.

Thanksgiving Day service at the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Doylestown brings families and friends together to hear a special Bible Lesson-Sermon on the subject of Thanksgiving and to give testimonies of gratitude. You will also hear the President’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation read establishing Thanksgiving Day this year. Very young children (younger than Sunday school age) are lovingly provided for at all services. All are welcome. Please join us!

Very young children (younger than Sunday school age) are lovingly provided for at all services.

Daily Lift – Español

daily-lift-logo-400Daily Lift podcasts audios le ofrecen breves ideas espirituales para considerar en el manejo de las demandas y los estreses de nuestras vidas ocupadas. Los podcasts ofrecen unas reflexiones inspiradas grabadas por oradores públicos de la Ciencia Cristiana de todo el mundo. Una grabación de dos minutos que se estrena cada día de lunes a viernes ofrece revelaciones para hacer frente a las tentaciones y presiones de la vida cotidiana. Estas revelaciones espirituales se ofrecen en varios idiomas y se pueden compartir en las redes sociales.

Escuche Ud. el podcast de hoy y aprenda como recibir un correo electrónico de Daily Lift. Haga click aquí

Para más información sobre la Ciencia Cristiana, visite Ud.

Links to Required Background Checks for Volunteer Clearances

PA mandates that all volunteers in contact with children obtain clearance reports regarding child abuse history, criminal background check, and FBI fingerprints.

Who are “mandated reporters”?

Click on the link cited above and read the text carefully to obtain an answer to this question as well as a complete overview of the new PA laws regarding background clearance reporting. These laws require specific clearances from individuals who work with or will be in the presence of children.

After reading the above material, complete the application forms and reports, following the procedures cited in the link below. These forms and reports are necessary to obtain your clearance. Once you receive them, please submit your original clearances to the attention of either the Clerk of this church or the Sunday School Superintendent.

What is the cost for these clearances?

  • The PSP clearance is now free for volunteers
  • The Child Abuse History Clearance is free for volunteers
  • The FBI clearance costs $27.50 through the Department of Human Services

Here is a link to information and forms for a child abuse history background check:

Also, here is a link to the PA State Police website when applying for a criminal background check:

“Love that Transforms lives – in Any Situation

Be inspired by a Texas State judge whose healing of alcohol abuse led him to help young people turn around their lives by learning who they really are as God’s loved children.

Meet Margaret who points to several Biblical characters who overcame very tough obstacles, serving as inspiration for us today.

And finally, hear how Kirstin returned to a productive and happy life after the loss of her daughter by suicide, and her own struggle with serious drug addiction and incarceration.

Listen »

“Dear You”: a letter to someone in love.

Many individuals who fall in love, particularly young adults, often question whether it’s “the real thing.” How do you know whether someone’s love, even your own, is genuine? How can you gauge sincere feelings?

One way is to examine the nature of love and its source. Does it derive from self-centered needs and wants, or an honest and heartfelt affection demonstrated for another?

In this reading of a letter to young lovers you’ll hear suggestions about how to discern and express the only true source of love, which is divine.

Listen »