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Lasting Love

In an earlier Valentine’s Day chat Chet Manchester offered ideas in response to questions about relationships and love. Chet suggests that finding a higher sense of love blesses us abundantly, and allows relationships to appear and develop in wonderfully satisfying ways. An understanding of God’s love for us broadens our sense of love and family, and promotes our spiritual growth. It’s clear that our sense of completeness comes first from our relationship to God.

In this chat you’ll hear Chet share experiences of living and loving. Listen…

Healing Ideas for a New Year

If you are interested in using the impetus of a new year to address problems, you’ll like listening to the ideas shared by these people. These powerful, healing ideas bring transformation of thought, experience and health to the challenges facing us.

Hear some recent examples of people who found healing of problems through prayer, including bills to pay after Christmas, heart trouble, addiction, injury and sickness while traveling.  These verified healings were shared in the publications titled Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal.  Read and listen to the testimonies of these healings:

Praying for A Fresh Start

In this program Jill tells about an unexpected turn of events in her life when her husband suddenly passed away. Her search for answers on how to cope came from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. They helped her learn how to live in the now.

These two books also helped Barbara, a local resident of Phoenixville, PA, who as a very young woman experienced a complete healing of mental turmoil and contemplating suicide.  She learned more about her relationship to a loving God from these books.

Hear these individuals tell their stories about how they found joy in their lives with the help of these resources. Listen…

A New Year – A Fresh Start

If you’re thinking about change in your life, it’s probably because of the New Year. The start of a new year is often a time to take a deep breath, reflect, and seek renewal. Now is the chance to take a good look at where we’re headed, and to stop and think about what we need to do next.

In this audio segment of Putting it on Record, David Stevens shares his ideas on how to “grow forward” in the new year, to see progress through prayer that expands our spiritual understanding of God, of ourselves as his beloved children, in our day-to-day lives. Listen to David…

Conquering The Fear of Uncertainty

Prayer can help when the economy we live in faces uncertainty, when we are trying to get free of addiction or if we are looking for safety and a way to help humanity when we hear discouraging news reports.  Hear some recent examples of people who faced these challenges and found answers.  These verified instances of healing have been shared in the publications titled the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal.  Read and/or listen to the testimonies of these healings by clicking on the titles below:

The Law of Love

Are you feeling left out of love? Find out more about God’s Law of Love in your life and the transforming effect this Love brings to everyday issues. The guests on this program give the listener a step-by-step accounting of problems overcome:

  • A knee disorder, given by a former High School student when she played hockey
  • A relationship issue with a neighbor
  • The healing of hatred toward the speaker’s natural father, who was an abuser and alcoholic

All of these instances turned around completely when these individuals gained a clearer understanding of God’s Love for all.  Listen now!

A Spiritual Defense Against Bullying

It is our right to be free from harassment and torment and from being intimidated into doing something we do not want to do. By seeking and finding the infinite blessings that God bestows on us as his children, we can dissolve any temptation to engage in or be victims of negative behavior and honor one another as the loved children of God we are.

Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher, Lois Carlson, answers questions in this earlier audio chat about how God helps us hear his voice and feel his divine presence every moment, even in the middle of attack. Using Bible examples and incidents from her own experience, she offers ways to see others and ourselves give up negative behavior. Listen now…

You may also enjoy these articles from young people who overcame intimidation by others through an understanding of God’s ever-present help, right there, right then. Click on these titles:

Bullied? Don’t Give Up!

Fight Bullying With Prayer

Handling Contagion

When fall arrives, warnings against various forms of contagion abound in news media, stores, schools and offices. In this audiocast from Aug. 2, 2016 Christian Science Practitioner Diane Marrapodi addresses questions about preventing and healing this challenge practically and effectively through prayer. She spells out the laws of God that govern our being and serve as constant sources of health. When we start by fearlessly refusing to accept illness as inevitable for others and ourselves, we help free our family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances from the world’s belief of contagion. Listen how…

You’ll find further ideas about how God (Mind) heals the idea of contagion in human thought (mind) in this article by Christian Science discoverer and founder, Mary Baker Eddy, entitled Contagion. Read…

The loving Father

The loving Father

From the June 11, 1984 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Father, it’s Your child
that sleeps on my knees,
peacefully resting
where sounds can’t disturb.
Her smile is my joy—
and I glimpse what it means
that You, Father, love me
and always will hold me.

Finding Stability in Marriage and Family

There are those times when things go wrong and you’re convinced there’s just no hope. Hear one couple’s experience who were married for many years, had children, but were sure their marriage was marred by unfulfilled desires for love. See what they learned about their relationship with God that turned things around and resulted in a happier-than-ever marriage. Listen »