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What makes for a healthy marriage partnership?

What makes for a healthy marriage partnership?

Discover spiritual ideas for sustaining a lasting and satisfying relationship. In this replay of a chat, Christian Science Practitioner Bob Clark applies a spiritual orientation to the challenges of human thinking and living that nurture and enrich relationships. He likens this orientation to “finding our true north.”

Bob Clark, C.S.

Bob Clark, C.S.

Bob answers a variety of questions about marriage from a Christian Science perspective. Christian Science doesn’t tell us how to live our lives, plan our families, or provide minute directions on domestic issues. It does provide an immutable spiritual basis from which all marital and other issues can be resolved as matters of individual demonstration. The results are both practical and significant, and contribute to successful and satisfying relationships. Listen to Bob…

Our Most Important Relationship

We have all sorts of relationships – with loved ones, co-workers, friends, and strangers.  Our permanent relationship to God embraces all our human relationships and brings harmony and healing to them.

You can hear people testify about how prayerfully understanding this most important relationship has healed a marriage, a stress fracture, and restored a father-child relationship.  These verified healings have been shared in the publications titled the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal.  Read and listen to the testimonies of these healings below.

How We Let God Take the Lead

In this Web Radio discussion you’ll hear from two individuals who put their trust in God, let go of preconceived notions and allowed Him to govern their way forward.

  • Meet Martha, a former trial attorney with the Department of Justice. Be inspired by her account of how, when she let God take the lead, her feelings of fear and inadequacy were completely overcome.
  • Jack tells what happened when he was faced with the possibility of financial ruin during the time he was an independent consultant. Hear how he put those fears aside and found a healing solution by following and trusting God to govern. The entire situation turned around completely. Listen…

Womanhood in Today’s World

Christian Science upholds and values true womanhood as the direct reflection of God, including both masculine and feminine qualities. Hear examples of people who pray today with this spiritual sense of womanhood that heals victims, whether of abuse, monthly menstrual pain, or who live in countries where education is unavailable to women.

  • Annu shares how, when listening to God and understanding that her spiritual identity includes the qualities of both manhood and womanhood, she was guided through a project that a group of men couldn’t achieve. Listen to the interview…
  • Lindsey Taylor answers questions about how to defend the rights of women – their right to respect, to have their contributions valued, and their right to live free of fear. These rights come from woman’s identity as a child of God in full possession of intelligence, love and ability that reflect God’s nature. Listen to this chat…
  • Paul Dixon shares how he prayed to see the spiritual identity of women in Afghanistan while he was stationed there. Read/listen to his article…

Celebrating Women’s History Month – Mary Baker Eddy: A Life of Discovery


Chet Manchester, Christian Science Teacher and Speaker

Chet Manchester, Christian Science teacher and speaker, highlights Mary Baker Eddy’s life in this very personal presentation based on his experience as former Creative Director, Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston. He describes how she explored spiritual healing in a scientific world, challenging mainstream beliefs about the nature of man and woman and the power of prayer to heal. Her drive to alleviate the suffering of humanity through prayer has had a profound impact on individual lives all over the world.

Chet refers to the many trials Mary Baker Eddy overcame. Most notably, she was healed from a near-fatal injury when she turned to the Bible and God in prayer, despite the hopeless prognosis of doctors. As a realist, she wanted to understand and prove the underlying meaning of the healing power of Christianity she experienced. After years of study, she wrote her seminal work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, a book voted by the Women’s National Book Association as “a book whose words have changed the world.” Chet gives examples of the profound effect this book has had on his own and others’ lives.

Mary Baker Eddy’s many accomplishments in male-dominated fields – publishing, public-speaking, author, founder of a church and world-class newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor – earned her fame and honors in her lifetime and place in the National Women’s Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, NY.  Listen to Chet’s talk…

For more information about the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy, visit the Mary Baker Eddy Library.