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Lasting Love

In an earlier Valentine’s Day chat Chet Manchester offered ideas in response to questions about relationships and love. Chet suggests that finding a higher sense of love blesses us abundantly, and allows relationships to appear and develop in wonderfully satisfying ways. An understanding of God’s love for us broadens our sense of love and family, and promotes our spiritual growth. It’s clear that our sense of completeness comes first from our relationship to God.

In this chat you’ll hear Chet share experiences of living and loving. Listen…

A New Year – A Fresh Start

If you’re thinking about change in your life, it’s probably because of the New Year. The start of a new year is often a time to take a deep breath, reflect, and seek renewal. Now is the chance to take a good look at where we’re headed, and to stop and think about what we need to do next.

In this audio segment of Putting it on Record, David Stevens shares his ideas on how to “grow forward” in the new year, to see progress through prayer that expands our spiritual understanding of God, of ourselves as his beloved children, in our day-to-day lives. Listen to David…

Peace and Christmas

Human experience may seem very dark with war, severe weather, and refugee crises spreading uncertainty, waste and loss. But Christmas is here to remind us that the season of spiritual light is with us, the proclaiming light which appeared to the shepherds, the guiding light of the star, the light which rests in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the light which through the succeeding centuries has been directing its true followers to heart’s peace and heaven’s joy.

heloisa-rivasHumankind needs this Christmas light desperately, for the gloom of material existence is dense indeed. It is a gift, freely offered to all who desire to know its glory that shines through the Scriptures. Listen to this talk by Christian Science Practitioner, Teacher and Public Speaker Heloisa Gelber Rivas as she relates the true meaning of Christmas – that impartation of peace with the coming of the Christ – at the birth of Jesus, which brings lasting peace beyond winter or any season.  Listen…

Mending the Fences within Family

At family holidays we may want to avoid and walk away from family discord and prejudices. But according to the Bible we can’t. Home is the logical place to begin healing family division, whether in your own or someone else’s. By starting with God, understanding our relationship with God who is Love itself, we can turn to prayer as our first line of defense.

Home is where hearts meet together, share holiday meaning, and maintain an atmosphere of love. We are never without a sense of home in the loving care of God. Listen to Christian Science Practitioner, Public Speaker and Teacher Marian English answer questions and share ideas about how to heal family discord and restore a sense of family.  Listen…

A Spiritual Defense Against Bullying

It is our right to be free from harassment and torment and from being intimidated into doing something we do not want to do. By seeking and finding the infinite blessings that God bestows on us as his children, we can dissolve any temptation to engage in or be victims of negative behavior and honor one another as the loved children of God we are.

Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher, Lois Carlson, answers questions in this earlier audio chat about how God helps us hear his voice and feel his divine presence every moment, even in the middle of attack. Using Bible examples and incidents from her own experience, she offers ways to see others and ourselves give up negative behavior. Listen now…

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Fight Bullying With Prayer

Handling Contagion

When fall arrives, warnings against various forms of contagion abound in news media, stores, schools and offices. In this audiocast from Aug. 2, 2016 Christian Science Practitioner Diane Marrapodi addresses questions about preventing and healing this challenge practically and effectively through prayer. She spells out the laws of God that govern our being and serve as constant sources of health. When we start by fearlessly refusing to accept illness as inevitable for others and ourselves, we help free our family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances from the world’s belief of contagion. Listen how…

You’ll find further ideas about how God (Mind) heals the idea of contagion in human thought (mind) in this article by Christian Science discoverer and founder, Mary Baker Eddy, entitled Contagion. Read…

Preparing to travel? Don’t forget to pack prayer!

In this chat, Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher, Beverly Goldsmith, answers questions about how prayer can make a difference to travel experiences. Remembering how God sustained the Apostle Paul on his journeys, we can find safety when traveling with a sense of God’s purpose as a guide to our decisions and activities.

From fear of diseases in other countries, to the pull of recreation versus serving at church or other responsibilities, how can we transcend the pressures brought on by travel? By making the right choices about travel, responding to challenges while on a trip and praying for family members who are traveling, issues we all face. When attention is focused on the only real purpose, which is to love, loving becomes your route and destination as you go forward. Listen as Beverly shares her ideas.

Our Role in Dealing with Zika


Pure thoughts of Life, Truth, and Love are ever available to us, even in the midst of threats of epidemics and disease. Pure, spiritual thinking replace fear with courage, and displace error with truth, sickness with health, and weakness with strength. When we identify our prayers completely with God’s goodness, we discover a powerful agent for spreading health, and preventing and destroying so-called diseases and epidemics.

Read Christian Science Teacher, Nathan Talbot’s, discussion of how you can apply these ideas to overcoming fear of the Zika threat and conquer it altogether. Check out Nathan’s article…

The loving Father

The loving Father

From the June 11, 1984 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Father, it’s Your child
that sleeps on my knees,
peacefully resting
where sounds can’t disturb.
Her smile is my joy—
and I glimpse what it means
that You, Father, love me
and always will hold me.

What makes for a healthy marriage partnership?

What makes for a healthy marriage partnership?

Discover spiritual ideas for sustaining a lasting and satisfying relationship. In this replay of a chat, Christian Science Practitioner Bob Clark applies a spiritual orientation to the challenges of human thinking and living that nurture and enrich relationships. He likens this orientation to “finding our true north.”

Bob Clark, C.S.

Bob Clark, C.S.

Bob answers a variety of questions about marriage from a Christian Science perspective. Christian Science doesn’t tell us how to live our lives, plan our families, or provide minute directions on domestic issues. It does provide an immutable spiritual basis from which all marital and other issues can be resolved as matters of individual demonstration. The results are both practical and significant, and contribute to successful and satisfying relationships. Listen to Bob…