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daily-lift-logo-400Daily Lift podcasts audios le ofrecen breves ideas espirituales para considerar en el manejo de las demandas y los estreses de nuestras vidas ocupadas. Los podcasts ofrecen unas reflexiones inspiradas grabadas por oradores públicos de la Ciencia Cristiana de todo el mundo. Una grabación de dos minutos que se estrena cada día de lunes a viernes ofrece revelaciones para hacer frente a las tentaciones y presiones de la vida cotidiana. Estas revelaciones espirituales se ofrecen en varios idiomas y se pueden compartir en las redes sociales.

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Finding Stability in Marriage and Family

There are those times when things go wrong and you’re convinced there’s just no hope. Hear one couple’s experience who were married for many years, had children, but were sure their marriage was marred by unfulfilled desires for love. See what they learned about their relationship with God that turned things around and resulted in a happier-than-ever marriage. Listen »

Does age equal limitation?


In these rebroadcast editions you hear interviews with Christian Scientists sharing what it means to be a  “sentinel” or to “watch” how prayer helped them in their lives. 

In this edition three guest speakers describe in their own words their insights and gratitude for staying active. 

  • Ginger Stevens shares how we can be free of age limits at any stage of life.
  • Charles Ferris explains that to understand Life – a synonym for God – is really to constantly advance progressively.
  • Rhea Buck describes how she didn’t feel limited at all by the constraints of age. 


Thanksgiving: The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude and how its expression brings healing and peace – hear accounts of healing based on the expression of gratitude.

  • Channing Walker gives an account of a couple who lived a life of abundance even though an accountant said they ‘hovered’ just over the poverty line.
  • Melanie Wahlberg describes her experience with a late delivery of her third child and the turning point in her thinking that lead to a harmonious birth and on time.
  • Lois Carlson really nails the role that Grace played in her life as a parent.
  • Alfred Gemrich explains what he learned about our true identity as he traveled though Africa.

Web Radio

We can use quiet times to receive practical, spiritual ideas that prepare us to meet every moment calling for attention with peace, stillness, and insight. JSH-Online Web-Radio provides free online access to audio programs that discuss practical ways others have applied Christian Science prayer to daily demands and met them. Weekly Sentinel Radio broadcasts such as How You Can Do You Best – Without Stress, are opportunities to enter your mental closet, shut the door, and be uplifted. Learn More »

Your Daily Lift

dlpage-logo-newYour Daily Lift audio podcasts provide short, spiritual insights to consider when managing the demands and stresses of busy lives. They offer inspired reflections recorded by Christian Science public speakers from around the world. A new 2-minute audio segment released each Monday-Friday provides uplifting eye-openers to cope with temptations and pressures in daily experiences.

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