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Praying for A Fresh Start

In this program Jill tells about an unexpected turn of events in her life when her husband suddenly passed away. Her search for answers on how to cope came from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. They helped her learn how to live in the now.

These two books also helped Barbara, a local resident of Phoenixville, PA, who as a very young woman experienced a complete healing of mental turmoil and contemplating suicide.  She learned more about her relationship to a loving God from these books.

Hear these individuals tell their stories about how they found joy in their lives with the help of these resources. Listen…

Healing Loneliness

Loneliness for some can be overwhelming. New research shows that this state of mind can be linked to poor health. But wait – there’s more! Others on this program have moved from loneliness to fulfilled and happy lives based on a new spiritual perspective. Hear healing results from Lois, Brian and Julie. This is just for you!  Listen!

Frustrated? Hurt? Perplexed?

This podcast is filled chock full of specific prayer tools that enabled the speaker to overcome a business transaction that presented a very unfair circumstance. Not only does the speaker gain new spiritual insight and poise based on his trust in God, the end result blessed him and his wife abundantly.  Listen now!

The Law of Love

Are you feeling left out of love? Find out more about God’s Law of Love in your life and the transforming effect this Love brings to everyday issues. The guests on this program give the listener a step-by-step accounting of problems overcome:

  • A knee disorder, given by a former High School student when she played hockey
  • A relationship issue with a neighbor
  • The healing of hatred toward the speaker’s natural father, who was an abuser and alcoholic

All of these instances turned around completely when these individuals gained a clearer understanding of God’s Love for all.  Listen now!

Freedom from Alcohol and Drugs

Hear true accounts of people who became dependent on drugs to find satisfaction in their lives, either encouraged by friends in order to ‘fit-in,’ or in other cases to expand their minds. Instead of satisfaction, these individuals experienced darkness and confusion until they connected with the ideas in the ground-breaking book on spirituality and healing, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. They explain how they achieved complete freedom from drug habits and a transformation to happy, satisfied and productive lives without any bad side effects. Listen to their stories.

Hope and Triumph

Many people have not been in extreme combat situations like the guests – 4 men and 1 woman – on this program. The healing ideas they share are an inspiration to anyone seeking healing from intense fear and loss of control. Hear how they overcame alcohol dependency, near suicide, feelings of guilt, and fear of everyday noises resulting from active military experiences during war. Find out how they found complete freedom today. Listen now!

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Beyond Party Politics

Christian Science Sentinel Radio programs feature interviews with experienced Christian Scientists who offer thoughtful insights about a wide range of important concerns. Each contributor earnestly seeks to share ideas that contribute to healing these concerns. In this program guests discuss how prayer can resolve differences in politics.

As voters give their attention to the next election for President of the United States, this program addresses the dilemma of ‘taking sides’. Three guest speakers, Robin, Ted and David, share their accounts of healing based largely on the inspiration gained from The Lord’s Prayer. In each instance, a better understanding of God’s government led to a good outcome for all. Listen today!

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How We Let God Take the Lead

In this Web Radio discussion you’ll hear from two individuals who put their trust in God, let go of preconceived notions and allowed Him to govern their way forward.

  • Meet Martha, a former trial attorney with the Department of Justice. Be inspired by her account of how, when she let God take the lead, her feelings of fear and inadequacy were completely overcome.
  • Jack tells what happened when he was faced with the possibility of financial ruin during the time he was an independent consultant. Hear how he put those fears aside and found a healing solution by following and trusting God to govern. The entire situation turned around completely. Listen…

“Love that Transforms lives – in Any Situation

Be inspired by a Texas State judge whose healing of alcohol abuse led him to help young people turn around their lives by learning who they really are as God’s loved children.

Meet Margaret who points to several Biblical characters who overcame very tough obstacles, serving as inspiration for us today.

And finally, hear how Kirstin returned to a productive and happy life after the loss of her daughter by suicide, and her own struggle with serious drug addiction and incarceration.

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Are you looking for a fresh start?

Is it possible to start over? Yes! Hear how two individuals overcame addiction, depression, and homelessness when they gained a true view of themselves.

The guests on this program, “Are you looking for a fresh start?” give wonderful examples of ordinary individuals who have turned from addiction, depression and a false view of themselves to find their real self as the image and likeness of God. Their transformation is life changing. See for yourself and find answers today.

Bill Moody tells about a fellow who came to him for help because he was addicted to alcohol and struggled with depression. When he learned who he really was as God’s child, he decided he wanted to live that way and make decisions based on this new view of himself. That was the end of these problems in his life.

Starr Urbatsch turned her life around completely as she tells about her teen years and some very poor choices she made at the time her parents divorced. At one point when she was basically homeless, she remembered the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy that her mother had given her. The more she read, the more she gained a clearer view of herself as God’s child, innocent and free, and the remarkable changes that occurred. Listen »