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Supporting Honest Government

Many Americans have been dismayed by controversies pervading candidate debates and news media during this year’s Presidential election cycle. There is much talk here and around the world of American democratic government coming unhinged.

It can be tempting to think about this year’s elections in apocalyptic terms and worry that everything will be ruined if no satisfactory candidate emerges or one’s candidate of choice doesn’t win. However, a spiritual outlook moves us away from a fearful mindset.

walters_hiRGBIn this chat Maryl Walters, Christian Science teacher, practitioner and lecturer, provides insights as to how we can pray to support honesty and integrity in government – anytime. Maryl underscores the importance of first praying to recognize the supremacy of God’s government. She offers ideas to help us focus on and cherish qualities like strength, honesty and humility in candidates and in our fellow voters. Our prayers can support politicians and voters in making principled, informed, and calm decisions. Find out how in this chat. Listen….