Christian Science in Doylestown, PA

Healing Spiritually

Depression and suicide are at epidemic proportions among young adults.  How might this growing problem be stemmed?  A popular Yale University course called “Psychology and the Good Life” tries to address these issues. Homework assignments include showing gratitude, performing acts of kindness, and developing social connections” – all activities that help lift thought.  But, is there something else that is missing?  Can feeling a connection to a good and loving God bring permanent healing of depression? The stories of three young adults below show the healing power of such a relationship.

Click here to listen to or read about how Dean overcame depression and suicide as he slowly but surely gained confidence in God’s goodness being always present and powerful enough to lift him out of darkness.

Click here to listen to how both Courtenay and Elaina won freedom from depression by discovering a God that loved them, cared for them and blessed them with permanent healing from depression.

Explore ideas regarding spiritual healing at Wednesday evening meetings in Doylestown when we hear excerpts from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook – Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, sing inspirational hymns, and share personal experiences of spiritual growth and healing through Christian Science. Click here for more information.